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TCG Team: Testimonials



Chris Marlowe – Owner/Director

Why We Don’t Cut Corners

“It amazes me how there’s never time to do it right the first time but there’s always time to do it again.” -Owner, Chris Marlowe

Chris is the Founder of The Courier Group. Having grown up in the midst of multi-generational transportation related businesses, Chris was immersed in most every aspect of transportation. He actually learned to drive the big trucks before learning to drive a car! No wonder he can confidently say, “I’ve always respected the business owner or manager who puts his or herself in the shoes of as many of their team members as possible.”

Chris has certainly done this…from driving all types of equipment along with trucks, coordinating sales and transportation of materials, managing/transitioning family companies that were acquired by new owners and running his own trash, recycling and freight hauling companies.

His wife and kids joined him in these endeavors, leading to their son and daughter representing the 5th generation of Marlowe’s over 75 years in the logistics and transportation industry.  Chris says he feels incredibly blessed to be able to work with his family, as well as having employees that have been with him for so long that they too have become like family. (He recalls his Great Grandfather saying the very same thing.)

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you truly work together as a team….that makes us a winning team, and who doesn’t want to play for the winning team?!”

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